My 15 minutes

Today the New York Times quoted from my blog on my memories of Barack Obama. Suddenly I’ve got more traffic – and comments – than in the previous five years.

The Times reporter, Janny Scott, talked to me for an hour or so about six weeks ago. I was already familiar with her work from previous articles, notably the one on Barack’s failed Congressional bid in 2000. This time, though, she seemed to fall flat: The article was dull and inconclusive (“Memories Differ”) and the editors buried it in the Metro section.

It wasn’t for lack of trying. Janny kept coming back to the drug question. Here’s something I like about Barack: He’s very open about the fact that he did inhale. No parsing, no half-denials. He did it – like everyone else – and it’s no big deal.

The question is how much he did it and when he stopped. And all I can conclude us the Ms. Scott came up empty. Because she sure asked the question enough.

That’s her job. And that’s why the story is in the Metro section, not on the front page.

Author: Dan

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5 thoughts on “My 15 minutes”

  1. Why do you think she pressed you so hard? My guess is (and it just my guess) that we should not forget that the NY Times is Hillary’s “hometown” paper. So they gotta look out for their girl.

  2. I wasn’t like anyone else. Neither were most of my friends at that age. We were too busy in college or married raising babies. Speak for yourself . . . some of us don’t desire to infuse our bodies with chemicals just for a momentary ‘high.’ And what I find hilariously funny is that those who did inhale are on the front lines of environmental politics. So, it’s okay for you to use chemicals in your body, just don’t put them in the food you eat or the water you drink or the clothing you wear. I get it. First Order Hypocrites and don’t even have the brains left to recognize it. The brains, shall we say, are “out to lunch” on that one.

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