When you’re on the road, that is. The very young and the very old don’t drive much. But when they do, they cause a lot people to die (including themselves).


Welcome to the age of peak text

by Dan on January 2, 2012

When I saw Tyler Cowan’s reference to to peak text, I immediately thought of my old 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica. Fiv pound volumes with thousands of whisper-thin pages and acres of dense, dull text. The modern incarnation is those big reports produced or sponsored by the World Bank, the European Union and other quasi-governmental organizations. Nobody reads them. Even their intended audience only skims the executive summary.

Google may make us stupid, but the internet has done us all a favor: it has forced us to be succinct, entertaining and pointed.

Think of pre- and post-Tina Brown New Yorker.  William